Sistema per videowall basati su IP


Flexible assembly and management of IP-based videowalls

A cost-efficient solution for the assembly and the flexible operation of IP-based video-wall-installations and display-networks: This is what EPU-Wall has to offer for control rooms. EPU-Wall convinces in any situation that requires the transmission of streams over IP-networks. Through EPU-Wall streams that are available in the network can be easily distributed to single displays or unlimited videowalls.

Consisting of the eyeCON wall-management-software, the specially for EPU-Wall developed database server ECS 510 and an optional number of eyevis OPS-LCDs with integrated eyevis Processing-Unit (EPU), EPU-Wall enables the assembly of flexible videowall arrangements without the necessity of a graphic controller. Due to the integrated OPS-compatible processing units (EPUs), the OPS-LCDs can directly be connected to a standard-IP-network. With just a few clicks the displays can, through eyeCON, be integrated into EPU-Wall and can display all sources available in the network, like video streams or eyeCON capture desktops, through the wall-management-software. This creates an incredible amount of flexibility for the extension of control room videowalls.

Visualization of CIF- to 4K-sources

EPU-Wall is suited for the transmission and the presentation of several video formats. To display 4K-signals, the 4K/Ultra-HD-displays by eyevis with screen sizes of 31.5’’ up to 98’’ can be integrated into EPU-Wall. Equipped with OPS-compatible or external EPUs, the 4K/Ultra-HD-displays can directly be connected to standard-IP-networks.


  • The network as unlimited crossbar through completely IP based signal processing: EPU-Wall enables simultaneous access to unlimited sources, information and alarms from standard IP networks, the internet or the cloud
  • Easy installation of the OPS displays: Since the whole electronics for image processing is integrated in the display, only power and network cables have to be connected to the display.
  • New displays can be easily integrated into the system without having to shut it down.
  • Saving Rackspace and related costs
  • Transmission and display of 4K-Signals are possible with eyevis 4K/Ultra HD displays
  • EPU-Wall allows for a flexible expansion of videowalls if additional tasks, operator workstations or signals are to be integrated.
  • Easy installation due to same depth: The EPUs are direct­ly implemented in the casings of the displays and are no attached embedded solutions. Thus the EPU displays have the same dimensions than standard LCDs.