Nuovo software per il wall management open-source



eyevis presents eyeUNIFY, its new professional wall management software, setting new technological standards. The modular, web-based concept of the software allows for operation across platforms, different operating systems and a freely scalable number of clients.

As an open-source project, eyeUNIFY is available for free to all users and can be adapted to specialist wishes and needs by eyevis, the client or third parties. The new software covers all standard functions of modern control room software. Due to its open-source concept, however, it remains open for individualizations and the integration of future developments.


The modern and lean architecture of an eyeUNIFY solution comprises four software modules, which can be combined with one another depending on the form of application. The central unit unify.core runs on a Java application server on Linux, Windows or MacOS.

An interface with any browser is provided through unify.ctrl, which makes it the web frontend of the wall management software. This enables literally any device in the network with an HTML5-capable browser to access eyeUNIFY. Its operation is fully independent of the chosen platform. Thanks to its responsive, touch-optimized surface, even tablets or smartphones can be used for the wall management of an entire control room without any additional apps. Together with an SSL encryption, the software is run via a secure connection, which enables operation via the internet. The number of clients in the network is freely scalable thanks to this operation in a browser.

Third-party devices such as media controllers can remote control the entire wall management via unify.link. Lastly, the module unify.exec calculates the image content to be displayed – either centralized on a netPIX graphics controller or decentralized on every single display with an OPS-standard eyevis Processing Unit (EPU). All modules communicate with each other on the web via so-called SOAP interfaces, proving eyeUNIFY yet again to be state-of-the-art software.

For more information as well as the eyeUNIFY software visit: https://eyeunify.org/

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