eyeCON MetaWall 2.0

Visualizzazione e controllo basata su IP


MetaWall 2.0

Visualizzazione semplice e sicura per sale controllo e digital signage

eyeCON MetaWall 2.0

IP-Based Visualisation and Control

eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 is the universal solution for the setup, management and control of videowalls and individual displays beyond the limits of a single graphics controller. The concept can be directly customized to the special needs in control and conference rooms as well as the digital signage area.

At the same time it comprises a complete system of software and hardware components like the eyeCON wall management software, the new EPU-LC displays with built-in image processing for direct network connection, the netPIX graphics controller for the signal input to standard displays and the eyeGate streaming encoders for the transformation of video signals into network streams or the easy connection of external sources (e.g BYOD sources).

Controlled by MetaWall 2.0 the system enables the construction of almost indefinitely expandable videowall installations and display networks on the basis of standard IP networks.



  • Completely IP based signal processing: Makes available unlimited sources, information and alarms from standard IP networks, the internet or the cloud; controls any number of videowalls, displays or clients via networks; sources and information can be removed from everywhere within the network; collaboration; sources and information can be shared freely.
  • Supports EPU displays with built-in image processing (OPS compatible) and standard displays with preceding graphics controller. Thus provides integrators with absolute flexibility and can be integrated into already existing systems.
  • Easy installation of EPU displays: Since the whole electronics for image processing is integrated in the display, only power and network cables have to be connected to the display.

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